The tribal leader who King Tuheitia tried to sack will face defamation action regardless of the result of a vote deciding her fate today.

Tania Martin is fighting to retain her position as chairwoman of Waikato-Tainui's parliament.

Her supporters say they can't understand why Ms Martin is being "demonised" for doing her job.

Last year the Maori king said he was using his position as paramount chief to fire Ms Martinafter she wrote a report questioning tribal spending and accountability.

Tainui's executive board, Te Arataura, led by Tuku Morgan, said Ms Martin was still subject to a disputes resolution process even though she'd been fired.

High Court action resolved that Te Kauhanganui should decide the issue, and representatives from 66 marae will vote to at Hopuhopu today affirm her leadership or elect someone else. They will also decide whether her actions have brought the tribe into disrepute.

Mr Morgan reiterated yesterday that Ms Martin's report was riddled with inaccuracies.

"This is about mischief making. This factually incorrect report ... has caused major damage to the tribe, to Te Kauhanganui and to kingitanga because we are inextricably bound together," Mr Morgan said.

"As an individual that has been defamed I will be taking action against her."

Kaumatua Meto Hopa represents Waipapa Marae. He said he was absolutely backing Ms Martin.

"I don't know why it is that this woman has been so demonised for doing her job. Is it because she's opened a can of worms? What is Te Arataura hiding?"

The extraordinary meeting would be difficult for many of the representatives because they were essentially being called on to decide between their loyalty to the king and their own consciences.

It is not known whether the vote will be by secret ballot or open. Mr Morgan said that would be decided by Te Kauhanganui.