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Pilots have been warned to keep their model aircraft away from south Auckland's Ardmore Aerodrome - the busiest airfield in the country.

Several pilots flying in an out of Ardmore have complained about model aircraft being flown in their flight path as they take off or land.

The model aircraft were being flown from nearby Bruce Pulman Park which is directly in the flight path of Ardmore.

Control tower manager Allan Bostock said it had the potential to be very risky for the thousands of flights, mostly light aircraft, which use the airfield every year.

He said legally model aircraft cannot fly within four kilometres of an airfield but he believed the offenders probably did not know they were breaking the law.

"The geographic location of the park is straight in line with our main runway so aircraft taking off and landing fly directly over the park.

"It is the potential (for danger). That is why the rules are there, to ensure there is no hazard to aircraft."

Mr Bostock said that signs warning of the dangers of flying model aircraft may be put up in the park.