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Two people were injured in a street brawl in the Northland town of Kaikohe last night.

The Armed Offenders Squad were called to a street in Kaikohe after police received reports of a street brawl and cars being smashed with baseball bats this evening.

Inspector Barry Smalley of the police northern communications said the incident on Bisset Rd was resolved quickly and the AOS were stood down before they arrived.

"Our troops managed to get it under control ... It appears a fight broke out between a number of people, some cars got damaged and someone got injured. Luckily the incident happened near the Kaikohe Hospital, so treatment was in fairly close proximity."

The incident was quelled by 9.15pm - within an hour of receiving the call, he said.

"It's all quiet now and everyone's calm again."

He said police have not made any arrests, but they may follow.

An ambulance northern communications spokeswoman said two people were being treated, but both had minor injuries.

Bisset Rd resident Kevin Rasmussen said he heard some people having a heated argument on the street and then the windows of a car being smashed.

"I think that was it, there didn't seem to be much more. It was pretty heated for a minute, but it seemed a bit like a storm in a teacup."