A retiring judge has told an Auckland woman who threatened to kill her blind neighbour during a drunken tirade that she's getting too old for "cutting up the neighbourhood".

Margaret Hadley, 57, was jailed for two months after being found guilty in Auckland District Court of threatening to kill Margaret Martin and of threatening to intimidate her.

Hadley was cleared of threatening to kill Ms Martin's guide dog.

Judge Robert Kerr, who was presiding over a court hearing for the last time today, said Hadley had referred to Ms Martin in "rather nasty terms" during the argument in the early hours of August 20.

Hadley was accused by prosecutors during her defended hearing of calling Ms Martin "a blind slut" while under the influence of alcohol and then threatening to kill her.

The offending happened while she was on intensive supervision and therefore subject to a court order.

Judge Kerr said Hadley needed to be deterred from further offending.

"You are getting on a bit, and there is no point drinking and then cutting up the neighbourhood" with her words, Judge Kerr told Hadley. "You are too old for that."

Her lawyer Dan Rawlings today said Hadley had good relations with all her other neighbours but her relationship with Ms Martin could deteriorate under the influence of alcohol, something she was trying to address.

"Unfortunately with alcohol Dr Jekyll becomes Mr Hyde. The letters I have handed to the court lay out a plan to deal with the alcohol so hopefully we see less of Mr Hyde."

He said Hadley had already served the equivalent of five months in custody.