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Some of the cars lined up outside the Do Duck Inn Bakery come and go, but others have not moved since Friday.

This is the pickup point for the Pike River miners' bus, their cars left parked along the fence.

Bakery staff, used to selling the miners smoko, only fully realised who are among the missing when they saw their photos published yesterday.

"It hit us hard, we know every one of those fellows," a melancholy Pam Martin said.

"It's hit the town really hard - everyone is affected."

The bus still leaves from the bakery each day to take other staff to the mine, and some of them continue to duck into the shop to buy their 'crib', but their demeanour has changed.

"They are not doing a lot of talking and not in the best of humour, but that's to be expected with everything that is going on - it must be so hard for them," Mrs Martin said.

Keith Martin said they both know all the missing miners, but it was not until they saw the photos that they were able to put names to faces.

"They are a good crew of men, nice and down to earth," Mrs Martin said.

Since Friday's disaster, the bakery has been giving the miners extra food to take up to the mine site for their fellow workers and the rescuers who are waiting patiently - "it's the least we can do".