One of the country's youngest killers is back in jail, this time for the indecent assault of two female journalists.

Bailey Junior Kurariki, 21, was sentenced this week to 11 months in prison with strict release conditions following the attack on the journalists, whose names are suppressed.

Kurariki exposed himself, masturbated in front of one, and groped the journalists who had visited his mother Lorraine West's South Auckland home for an arranged interview in February.

Kurariki had just finished a prison term for a series of offences, including breaches of parole and assault, committed after his release the previous May from another term.

That was for the manslaughter of pizza delivery man Michael Choy in Otara six years earlier when he was just 13 - at the time he was New Zealand's youngest killer. (That notorious title now belongs to a Gisborne boy who was 12 when he shot his 11-year-old friend in July last year).

Kurariki pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault and one of an indecency with intent to intimidate during a sentence-indication hearing at Manukau District Court on Thursday.

Judge Jonathan Moses said when he was released from prison he must abstain from alcohol and drugs.

Judge Moses said the victims had suffered "significant emotional impacts. This is serious offending."

Kurariki allowed the journalists into West's Otara home but about 10 minutes into the interview, one became uncomfortable with his behaviour.

When he exposed himself and appeared to be masturbating she stood up. Kurariki then groped her.

When they went to leave he demanded: "What's in it for me?"

Kurariki then groped the other woman and the pair were only able to leave when West's partner arrived home.

As Judge Moses read out what happened, West who was in court, said: "That's bull****."

Judge Moses imposed strict release conditions including requiring Kurariki to undertake alcohol and drugs assessment and banning him from possessing alcohol or illicit drugs.

He ordered that he not associate with "any members of the Killer Beez gang". He also said Kurariki was not to have any contact with the media on his release.