ONE: Baby born

A life-like doll that can drink, wet her nappy, use her potty,

cry, squeak and be bathed. Age 3+

TWO: Bakugan


Collectable battle game with characters that pop open

when they're rolled onto a game card. Age 5+

THREE: Barbie

The timeless Barbie range. Ages 3+

FOUR: Beyblades

Challenge friends around the global with Beyblade virtual

battles on line - Age 8+

FIVE: Bikes


Suitable for ages 4+

SIX: Hot Wheels range

Collectable playsets. Ages 4+

SEVEN: Leapfrog range

Early educational learning products for toddlers.

Age 6 - 36 months

EIGHT: Lego and Lego games

Age 3+

NINE: Littlest Pet Shop range

Collectable pet pals, playsets and accessories.

Age 4+

TEN: My Little Pony

Age 4+

ELEVEN: Nerf range

Includes Supersoaker water blasters.

Age 6 +

TWELVE: Paper Jamx Guitar

A guitar with a built-in speaker that works by touching the


Age 8+

THIRTEEN: Playworld - Outdoor play equipment

Three, four and six swing and slide sets and trampolines.

Ages 2+

FOURTEEN: Pocket Money Collectables

Mighty Beans, Zoobles, Party Animals, Gogo Crazy Bones.

Cheap ranges that kids love to buy.

Ages 4+

FIFTEEN: Remote control range

Includes cars, helicopters, boats.

Age 5+

SIXTEEN: Scooters

Age 5+

SEVENTEEN: Sylvanian Families

A collectable range of miniature dolls.

Ages 4 +

EIGHTEEN: Thomas wooden range

Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railway.

Age 18 months +

NINETEEN: Tonka Chuck My Rumblin Truck

Speaks when he's picked up, pushed around, or

loaded up.

Age 3+

TWENTY: Zhu Zhu Pets

Collectable characters with different personalities.

Age 4+


Traditional children's toys will be as popular as ever this Christmas, with old favourites such as trampolines, Barbie dolls and Lego at the top of this year's wish list.

In releasing its annual "Top 20" list today, Toyworld is also expecting swings and slide sets and scooters and bikes to be among the big sellers this Christmas.

Toyworld toy buyer Repeka Hauru said sales of higher-priced ranges had remained steady throughout the recession because Christmas was the one day people still tended to splash out on.

Collectable ranges such as My Little Pony and Sylvanian Families, which had been popular for decades, were again favourites this year. They had different price points to suit most budgets and constantly moved with the times.

Miss Hauru said the My Little Pony and Barbie ranges had constantly evolving themes such as "mermaids".

"Traditional play patterns such as toys that allow for creative, interactive and outdoor play remain consistently popular," she said.

"The traditional toys always remain strong ... Mermaids are cool now. Next year it will be something different, but they are engaging the child in new themes. They're really clever."

Lego was now being marketed as games and had a range for girls.

Miss Hauru said the Top 20 list included new toys which were more interactive.

This included the Leapfrog range, which enhances children's motor skills, and the new Paper Jamz Guitar, which works when players touch the surface.

Miss Hauru said new technology meant that toys such as the new Vectron Wave could be used without a remote, using a person's hand as the "motion sensor".