Supporters of Lion Man Craig Busch from around the world have mounted a campaign in support of him, after the death of a tiger at Whangarei's Zion Wildlife Gardens, which he used to run.

Just days after female tiger Sita died in an encounter with a male tiger fans, some from the United Kingdom, have called for Mr Busch to be put back in charge of the park.

He has more than 56,000 fans on his Facebook page and many have written to the Northern Advocate, raising concerns about the care of animals at Zion.

In relation to the latest tiger death, park management and MAF have said all protocols had been followed and the matter would not be investigated.

Since Mr Busch's departure from Zion, three cats _ Abu, Shia and Sita _ have died, along with big cat handler Dalu MnCube, within 17 months.

"The current management's lack of knowledge and understanding of breeding practices has resulted in the death of a beautiful young tigress whose personality was such that breeding from her was not advisable," said Kate Penman from Scotland.

Anita Smoth from England asked, "Sita had fretted earlier on this year when she was moved from her mother, and then she was put back with her _ so why move her yet again?"

Susan Jones of London said to put a highly strung cat like Sita in with the nastiest tiger at the park was crazy. She wanted MAF to move the cats or hand them over to an operator answerable only to the ministry until a court battle between Mr Busch and his mother Patricia was over.

Former park manager Tim Husband said he wasn't privy to details in the case, but female tigers were ready for breeding between two-and-a-half and three years of age.

Mr Husband, who spent nine months at the park, was a "bit shocked" to hear of Sita's death. He knew Sita wasn't a sociable cat.

Selena McMinn, who organised fundraising marches in Auckland last year to help Mr Busch return to the park, said the death had been avoidable.

"A simple understanding of animal management practices and a thorough knowledge of each cat would have made it plain and clear that Sita was not suitable for breeding purposes.

"Zion Wildlife Gardens has stated that this is `the way in the wild'. These cats are not in the wild and if the staff understood the cats' needs, this tragedy would never have occurred," she said.