James Webster wanted bottles of vodka and Jagermeister "to get really drunk" and because his "alcohol supply was low" a friend has told an inquest.

Oscar John-Henry Robinson told the inquest into James death he gave him the bottles when James picked him up before the party.

James died on May 9 from alcohol poisoning. An inquest into his death is under way at the Auckland Coroner's Court and is into its second day.

Another boy - who has interim name suppression and will give evidence tomorrow - acquired the alcohol and then gave it to Oscar to give to James.

"He told me he wanted to get really drunk....He wanted two bottles, he wanted spirits."

The choice of alcohol surprised him. He thought it was too much and suggested a few beers instead, but understood James alcohol supply was low and wanted more for other parties.

"I thought it was ridiculous what he wanted but he wanted it for other parties."

Oscar said James drank about half of each of the bottle of vodka and Jagermeister.

Lawyer Donald Webster, who is the uncle of James and is representing for his parents Charles and Penny, asked why Oscar asked [name suppressed] to get the alcohol.

He replied it was because he didn't know many of the seventh formers well. He denied the boy had a history of sourcing alcohol.

Oscar was unsure where the boy got the vodka and Jagermeister from.

Mr Webster said text messages were obtained that indicated James might be having second thoughts about the alcohol. "Some of the text messages seem to refer to bailing out. One said might just flag then."

But Oscar said the messages referred to costumes they would wear to the party. James went as the Grim Reaper.

Oscar smuggled one of the bottles into the party under a sweatshirt.

A diving friend of James', Richard Moore, said he had been talking about getting drunk before the party.

He told him he planned to "go out and get a bit wasted tonight" but it was still a shock to see him drinking so heavily.

Richard said James was being encouraged to drink more by boys he was drinking with. "Just by their body language. You could see they were egging him on."

He told the Coroner he saw the boys giving James the thumps-up as he drank.