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Labour has made some gains on National but Phil Goff's popularity as leader remains on shaky ground, the latest polls show.

The TV One Colmar Brunton poll tonight showed Labour up 2 points to 35 per cent. National remained ahead with 49 per cent.

The Greens were on 7 per cent, Act 2.7, the Maori Party 2.3 and New Zealand First 2.3.

When it came to the preferred Prime Minister John Key was down 1 to 45 per cent and Mr Goff was up 3 to 9 per cent.

However, just 24 per cent thought Mr Goff could lead Labour to a win at the next election, while 64 per cent said he could not.

Among Labour voters he had a little more luck - 47 per cent believed he could win, 39 per cent that he couldn't.

A TV3 Reid Research poll also out tonight put National on 54.5 per cent, Labour on 30.6, Greens on 8.5, Act on 2.2 and Maori Party and NZ First on 1.5 and United Future on 0.2.

Mr Key was well out in front in the preferred prime minister stakes, with on 48.7 per cent support, while Mr Goff was on 7.4 and NZ First leader Winston Peters on 3.7.

Mr Key was also ahead in perceived performance -- 69 per cent said he was performing well while 15.9 per cent said he was performing poorly.

Mr Goff was performing poorly according to 43.9 per cent and well according to 30.9.

Mr Goff's leadership has been in question since MP Chris Carter went public saying he did not think Labour could win with him as leader.