Three members of a Harini family whose home was known as "The Shop" in the Tauranga drug-dealing scene, have all been imprisoned after selling cannabis tinnies to undercover police officers.

Mark Poroa, 46, his partner Roseanne Paretitaha Walker, 37, and his son Denim Poroa, 19, who all earlier pleaded guilty to selling cannabis and possessing cannabis for supply, were sentenced in the High Court at Rotorua on Friday.

Mark Poroa, who also admitted offering to sell an ounce of cannabis for $300 to an undercover police officer, was jailed for two years and four months.

His partner was jailed for two years and two months, while Denim Poroa was imprisoned for two years. The trio's offending came to light in 2009 when police became aware that a tinnie house was operating at Haukore St.

Undercover officers were sent to the tinnie house in early February and were able to buy nine tinnies during February and March.

Mark Poroa offered to supply an ounce of cannabis.

Police searched the house on March 31 and found 515g of cannabis in a cooler bag, $6270 cash, electronic scales and a tick list of buyers. Covert cameras were also set up at the house.