Turf wars between gangs, Asian organised crime and street dealers could end with spilled blood, say police, as criminals increasingly arm themselves in a bid to control Auckland's drug trade.

The warning comes as armed police hunt Daniel Vae, 32, a patched member of the King Cobra gang wanted on three arrest warrants.

Police say Vae is armed and dangerous, unpredictable and likely to be high on methamphetamine.

While searching for Vae at two homes in Auckland, the police Organised Crime Unit found a silenced semi-automatic handgun, an illegally imported Taser, a bulletproof vest, methamphetamine gear and his gang patch.

The semi-automatic pistol was "chopped down" from a 5.56 semi-automatic rifle, by taking off the stock, adding pistol grips, then cutting the barrel and attaching a silencer.

Detective Sergeant Callum McNeill said the weapons were hidden in laptop bags so they could be carried around without attracting attention: "We are seeing them more and more on the streets."

He said Vae was "taxing" low-level methamphetamine dealers who were selling drugs on King Cobra turf, near the gang's Grey Lynn headquarters.

"If the gangs catch them dealing, they'll say, 'You owe us $30,000 for dealing on our patch'. If you don't comply they'll just beat you, take your money and drugs."

Mr McNeill said a once harmonious relationship between Asian organised crime figures, who import pseudoephedrine, and local gangs, who buy the drugs to cook meth, was fraying.

"Some of the gangs are ripping off the Asians, who are starting to arm themselves too. So they're all carrying guns when they're doing these deals. It's not going to be long before there is a shooting."

Anyone with information about Daniel Vae can call the Organised Crime Unit on (09) 302-6425 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800-555-111.