A former drug addict who was convicted of smuggling ecstasy into New Zealand has opened a $560-a-day rehab clinic in one of Auckland's swankiest suburbs.

William Murdoch, the former partner of socialite Aja Rock, has also started work as marketing manager for a Las Vegas-style burlesque club that opened in central Auckland this week.

Murdoch denies a conflict of interest between his dual roles at the Serenity treatment centre in Remuera and promoting Club M.

"There is nothing wrong with alcohol; in fact I would go so far as to say there is nothing wrong with some recreational drugs. What's wrong is when someone uses those substances to self-medicate to cure their problems."

Murdoch has also come under fire for using images of his 6-year-old son Brooklyn on the website of Club M, which features topless models.

"Murdoch has no kind of meter as to what is appropriate and what's not," said a source, who declined to be named.

But Murdoch, 48, was unrepentant. He said: "New Zealand is fairly conservative if they think it is inappropriate - that is their problem. The way I see it, what we do is quite tasteful.

"Everyone who knows me and my son, they will tell you I am the best father they have seen."

Murdoch was convicted of importing ecstasy into New Zealand soon after moving back to the country with Rock and was sentenced to two years' home detention in 2006.

He opened a drug treatment centre aimed at celebrity clients in Piha in 2008, but said he didn't have the right staff.

"Now I have a leading American psychologist who can certainly deliver the programme. The thesis is on Prozac and the effects of medication which is a huge part of our clientele."

The Serenity clinic will charge $16,800 for thirty days' treatment, which Murdoch says is "cheap", and will take its first guests next month.

The exact location of the clinic is being kept a secret.

Murdoch said: "I want people to have a good time, doing what they do responsibly. I don't think you should punish everyone as the result of someone's actions.

"Not everyone is like me. I don't believe in the disease concept.

"I don't believe there is such a thing as addiction."

Former Celebrity Treasure Island contestant Rock, 28, has convictions for prostitution.

The couple share custody of the child.