Michelle Anne Taruka Grafton, 19, was convicted in the Christch' />

The victim of a false rape complaint has rejected his accuser's bid to apologise.

Michelle Anne Taruka Grafton, 19, was convicted in the Christchurch District Court on Tuesday of making a false statement after admitting her claims of being forced into a car and raped were false.

The 35-year-old accused is a friend of her father's and had known her family for 15 years.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said Grafton propositioned him by text and they had sex at his flat. She stayed the night and left when he went to work the following morning.

"There was no disagreement, nothing like that," he said. "She was good as gold, she was texting me that morning. There were no ill feelings."

But the man's life was turned upside down when police informed him of Grafton's complaint on Christmas Eve.

"When the police read through her statement I just sat back in the chair gobsmacked. I felt sick. I just couldn't believe her sick lies."

Soon after making the complaint, Grafton went overseas. Police interviewed her on February 28 after she returned to Christchurch and she admitted lying.

Her victim was contacted on Thursday to see if he would attend a restorative justice meeting with her but declined the invitation.

"I'm not prepared to meet with her at all - it's too late. She's disgusting ... vulgar."