A Christchurch teenager has admitted she made a false complaint of being forced into a car on Riccarton Road, tied up, and repeatedly raped.

She was told by Judge Stephen Erber in the Christchurch District Court today that her lies had "devalued the currency" for women who made genuine complaints of rape.

People might consider other women's complaints more sceptically because of the actions of 19-year-old student Michelle Anne Taruka Grafton, he said.

Grafton eventually admitted the complaint was false and pleaded guilty in court today to a charge of making a false statement that a crime had been committed.

"In explanation, she stated she did it because she liked the attention," police prosecutor Constable Michael Tualii told the court.

He said the police were called because of what Grafton told medical staff.

She told police she had been abducted by a man she knew at 3pm on Saturday December 19, from Riccarton Road.

She said he had forced her into a car, driven her to an address in Yaldhurst, and tied her hands to a sofa bed where she was forced to have sex with him several times.

She managed to escape at 7am next day, when he left for work.

A specialised medical examination for victims of sexual assaults was carried out.

Grafton was interviewed again at the Christchurch South Police Station four days later and signed a written statement repeating her claims.

"Subsequent police inquiries have revealed these allegations to be totally fabricated," said Mr Tualii. Grafton admitted lying, when she was interviewed again on February 28.

Judge Erber remanded her on bail for sentence on July 1.