Most New Zealanders want the Government to lower the drink drive limit for all adult drivers, according to a Motor Trade Association (MTA) poll.

Half of the poll's 500 respondents said that the limit should be decreased for all drivers over 20, while 30 per cent said the limit should remain the same and the Government should look at increasing penalties, and 20 per cent said they weren't sure.

A fortnight ago the Government proposed a zero drink-driving limit for under 20s as part of a raft of new rules aimed at reducing road fatalities.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce did not commit to lowering the rate for all adults and said that research was inconclusive on whether it would lower fatality rates.

MTA spokeswoman Ana Zandi said: "The public tell us that they want to see a decrease in the blood alcohol limit for drivers over 20".

"Although it's hard to know if we could also expect a zero drink-drive limit for this age group, a review of the current 0.08 blood alcohol limit for adult drivers needs to be considered," she said.