TV3's John Campbell has raised the ire of his MediaWorks mates at RadioLive by gatecrashing an interview with Brian Tamaki.

Campbell has hotly pursued Tamaki for an interview on his current affairs show Campbell Live.

On hearing Tamaki was to appear on rival Close Up, Campbell and crew decided to confront the Destiny Church leader as he was interviewed on RadioLive on Friday afternoon.

Tamaki then threatened to abort the interview with talkback host Willie Jackson and later on Close Up called Campbell a "stalker".

TV3 and Radio Live are owned by Mediaworks.

RadioLive boss Mitch Harris said he was comfortable with Campbell's team filming the interview but took issue when they tried to "burst into the studio".

"That's when I got up and asked them to come into my office and said, 'hey, listen, if you want to try to doorstop him how about just going out the door'."

But Campbell said he deliberately went to the station when there was be a break in recording.

"I thought 'right, I'll pop down there and I'll wander in at the time when he's not on air and see if I can arrange an interview'."

Jackson said Campbell rang later to assure him he never intended to come into the studio. "But it certainly looked like he was going to."