The Maori King has threatened to abdicate after members of the tribe's parliament, Te Kauhanganui, questioned his use of tribal funds and his choice of company directors, it was reported today.

The company which runs the tribe's funds, Ururangi Ltd, has faced criticism from some members after its directors, who also run a Huntly kura kaupapa, were found to have made $400,000 in undeclared payments to the school's principal.

King Tuheitia made it clear he was frustrated and angry when he addressed the parliament for about 20 minutes on Sunday, the Waikato Times said.

"He wants control of his office without any question. He blames Te Kauhanganui for the issues that have been raised and he is embarrassed by Te Kauhanganui and just wants to do it his way," a source at the meeting told the newspaper.

"He wants it all to stop and basically said that if this doesn't happen he would step down from being the paramount chief of this tribe and the Maori King."

King Tuheitia also slammed attacks on the tribe's executive board, Te Arataura, which has faced criticism for rising governance costs and incurring significant legal fees.