A futuristic mansion worthy of a Bond movie is tipped to divide a small island community.

Overseas investors are among those to express an interest in the luxury home planned for Kawau Island, about 60km north of Auckland.

Promoted as "Bondesque", The Mahina - Maori for moon - has been designed in a curved crescent shape with ceiling-to-floor glass and a modern, white interior design.

The house at Kawiti Point has a floor area of 827sq m and will feature a plant room, deck, swimming pool and "thermal mass" to regulate internal temperatures.

The Mahina website says the concept is being sold as a design, build and land package on Kawau Island, or pre-qualified site "anywhere on the planet".

"A predominantly modern residence with a 'Bondesque' suggestion of times past; the glamorous age of martinis and tuxedos," the website states.

"Dispel the misconception that white is starck (sic) or austere. Here it is lavish, sumptuous, opulent."

The project is designed and managed by Weber Consulting. Director Warrick Weber said there has been some interest from overseas.

Kawau is home to a mere 450 properties and 70 residents, who mainly get around by boat.

There are no street lights and limited phone services. Residents knew little of the plans for Mahina, which has been around for about three years.

Helen Jeffery, of the Kawau Island Resident and Ratepayers' Association, saw the architect's sketch a couple of years ago and said the property would need to meet strict development plans set by the Rodney District Council.

Part-time resident and chairman of the Kawau Island Advisory Committee, Michael Marris, said the development would split the community if it went ahead.

"I would imagine the island would be utterly divided about it. I've heard some people call it 'fabulous' and 'bizarre' and 'off the planet' ... while others just want baches with hot water and a long drop.

"Many people wouldn't want someone flying in by chopper to get to the property, which is really the best way to get to that point."

Harvey's real estate agent and Kawau Island resident, John Pryor, did not know much about The Mahina but said it "doesn't sound great".