Three police cars were last night at the property of one of the men believed to have shot 33 dogs.

The man - understood to be Tony "Tussock" Campbell, of rural Wellsford, and Russell Mendoza, who runs a home and garden centre that sells pets, are believed to have entered Rowan Hargreaves' Underwood property on Monday, shooting 23 puppies and 10 adult dogs.

Mr Mendoza had blamed one or more of the animals for mauling his fox terrier, Otis, which later died.

Mr Hargreaves does not believe any of his animals attacked the little dog, but agreed to the shootings, as he felt helpless. However, he hoped the men would at least destroy the dogs humanely and spare the puppies.

Mr Mendoza was understood to be inside his home yesterday.

Police last night said they had seized a number of firearms at a rural Wellsford address.

About four policemen could be seen at Mr Campbell's home on a farm nearby, speaking with him and walking around the property.

A sign stuck on a tree read: "Caution: Hidden surveillance camera operating" and "Caution! Dog f***en bites".

Police spokesman Kevin Loughin said last night he was unaware of any arrests being made.

It is understood one of the men did not have a firearms licence, and police are considering charges.

The SPCA is also considering laying charges under the Animal Cruelty Act.

It has not been able to make contact with Mr Campbell, but will meet Mr Mendoza next week.

Eight of Mr Hargreaves' puppies survived the shootings, and are being kept at his mechanical workshop in Wellsford and with a friend in the nearby township of Te Hana.