Disgruntled Telecom customers have taken to the web to voice their displeasure with the company after their much-hyped XT mobile network crashed for the second time in as many months.

"I am angry at the recent outages that have affected part of the network, including the one currently affecting customers," Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds said in a statement released today. "I apologise to our customers who have been inconvenienced, but also recognise that words are not enough. That's why we are taking rapid action and I am determined to be up front and open on this."

The apology hasn't been enough for some users, who have used the internet to air their complaints about the outage which is now into its second day.

Twitter user digitalmacdonald passed on a message from one of his corporate clients visiting Queenstown: "jst at vodafone getn a new sim card...i hate telecom!"

Rebekah Brennan (bekdawg) criticised Reynolds' choice of words: "No reception for more than 24 hours is more than an inconvenience."

In response, Telecom has been tweeting overtime in an effort to answer customers' questions, offering updates on Reynolds' media appearances and network developments.

Some users offered messages of support to Telecom's Twitter team.

Ruth Smithers wrote "Have to commend @TelecomNZ for responsiveness on twitter. #bigtick in face of shocker right now."

"Don't you just hate slow news days," wrote James Stringer in a message directed to Telecom.

Telecom has advised users still affected by the outage that if required they should use a landline to contact emergency services, and that voicemail can be accessed that way.