The use of the controversial supertoxin 1080 may be banned in the Coromandel area, following a meeting of the Coromandel/Colville Community Board today.

The board voted unanimously to ban the poison and put in place a policy of eradicating pests by hunting, trapping and the use of non-residual poisons only.

1080, used for killing possums and rats, has come under fire from environmental groups, who claim it kills native wildlife and may contaminate waterways.

Upper Coromandel Landcare Association spokesperson Reihana Robinson says the decision, although non-binding, was "broadly reflective of public opinion."

"Coromandel wants an end to reckless poisoning that disrupts fragile ecosystems, taints public drinking water, slaughters hundreds of non-target species, kills pets, and threatens tourism jobs," Ms Robinson says.

The local decision will be referred to the full Thames Coromandel District Council.