The victim impact statement Sophie Elliott's father Gil read out in court was heavily censored by police. Below are the sections he was prevented from telling her killer Clayton Weatherston.


"Can I ask, Clayton, did you enjoy stabbing her as she screamed in agony and terror?

"She was brutally murdered, in fact butchered by this 'person' who was simply not in her league when it came to any of the attributes I have mentioned for Sophie. To quote a former girlfriend from the trial, she said that Clayton's persona was different when he was out, to what it was when he was at home. Even Clayton's closest friends were fooled by this facade. What you see with Clayton is not what you get.


"We are certain that Sophie would have wanted some of her organs transplanted into others after all she was in excellent health and this would have been in line with her nature. This of course under the circumstances could not happen. Clayton not only took Sophie's life but he also deprived others of any benefit of her healthy organs.

"Clayton, you said at trial, that you and Sophie had a conversation in her bedroom (immediately prior to her attacking you with scissors) about your mother. You know this never happened, could never have happened. You never discussed your mother with Sophie, there simply was not time and not something that Sophie would have even thought about. She never attacked you first with scissors, this was simply fantasy on your part. This contrived conversation and act did not convince anyone let alone the jury, who found you guilty of murder.

"When the arresting officer got in to the bedroom after you were ordered to unlock the door, he asked you what has happened here and you replied, I have killed her - scissors were never mentioned and then he asked you why and you said because of the emotional pain she has caused me over the past year again no mention of scissors.

"Your mother says you tell the truth, while there might be some 'truth' in that statement from her point of view, it is plainly obvious that you only ever told her (and others) what they wanted to hear. I remind you of the letter you wrote to Sophie (and tried to get her to give it back to you). You said in court that you wrote that letter to tell Sophie what she wanted to hear not what you actually believed.

"How absolutely insulting, what did Sophie see in you? Your account of the assault on your former girlfriend was also a fabrication. She bravely stood in court in front of you and your family who she had obviously had a good relationship with and had no reason to lie about what had happened.

"Indeed she had no reason at all to lie on the stand. What was in it for her? She was a caring person who you abused saying many of the same nasty things you said to Sophie.

"I suggest you have attempted to manipulate people for a very long time. It appears to give you some perverse pleasure over others. You have with this horrific crime 'pulled the wool' over people's eyes for the last time. Your previous closest friends have abandoned you, probably in shock at the thought that they could have had a friendship with someone who was capable of such an abhorrent act.

"We don't care how you go on because you deliberately chose this path in life. You had every opportunity to say to yourself I cannot do this, I must not do this, I should turn back now, but did you of course not, you thought you were the greatest and that you had a very good reason for getting rid of Sophie and people would learn what that was at the trial and you would be exonerated.

"There are very few people in our civilised communities that don't know right from wrong. Let me remind you 'Dr Weatherston' that the least someone of your purported intelligence should know is right from wrong. Normal people don't kill others just because they were in their way.

"Your life in prison will be hell. Our lives are already about as down and close to hell as it is possible to get, you have seen to that. We were looking forward to following Sophie's life and career. She would have contributed so much to New Zealand. You on the other hand will contribute nothing so much for your quote from trial that your PhD was easy (what an insult to all others who have worked hard towards their doctorates). I'm not sure that a PhD will be much help to you in prison, possibly even a hindrance."


"How dare Clayton Weatherston think he had the right to kill Sophie and deprive us of her future, watching her grow and mature into her chosen career.

"And maybe have a loving relationship with someone who respected her for who she was not someone who could abuse and manipulate her for their own ends."