The worst cycling crash black spots in Auckland City have been revealed, with five of the top nine on Tamaki Drive.

Most dangerous intersection is at Ngapipi Rd, where 12 crashes were reported over five years, though cyclists say the actual number is much higher.

New safety measures are on the way for the junction, including an electronic warning sign triggered by cyclists.

The innovation was announced this week following a forum by Auckland City Council, prompted by a crash involving four cyclists last month, which left Auckland civil engineer Greg Paterson recovering from serious head injuries.

Other black spots along the waterfront strip are the intersections with Atkin Ave, Patteson Ave, Watene Cres, and 50m east of Patteson Ave.

In all, 30 crashes were reported between 2004 and 2008, including one fatality and five causing serious injuries.

The total number of incidents was much higher, said Cycle Action Auckland spokeswoman Barbara Cuthbert.

"The official stats are significantly lower than the actual crashes. That's known for cars, and for cyclists it's even lower."

Council figures show 4000 road cyclists and 19,000 vehicles use the route every week.

Cuthbert said cyclists were over-represented in crash statistics, with bikes involved in two out of every five injury crashes.

Some issues needed immediate attention, such as repairs to the cycle and walkway, and better street cleaning to remove broken glass. But there were bigger questions about Tamaki Drive: "We've got to look at it with fresh eyes and see what is the best use of the space.

"It's the most popular walking and cycling strip in Auckland, and it's worth investing money in."

Walk Auckland's Andy Smith agreed Aucklanders needed to decide whether they wanted an arterial road or a recreation spot.

"Cyclists may have to change as well," he said.

Walkers had complained of abuse for making riders stop at pedestrian crossings.

Waitemata road policing superintendent John Kelly said issues on Tamaki Drive were relevant elsewhere. "It applies in any urban area where there's conflict between cars and cyclists."

He also had concerns about rural roads, such as the Helensville area where doctor Graham Robinson was killed this month.

Auckland City Council transport committee chairman Ken Baguley said new safety initiatives for the Ngapipi Rd intersection were underway, and improvements at the Patteson Ave intersection last year had reduced crashes.

* The chain reaction - cars vs bicycles

"Three weeks ago I saw a woman [cyclist] knocked over who went under a parked car. If I see the cyclists all over the road talking to each other, then I tend to sit on my horn. They're pretty unpredictable."
Daniel Chambers, restaurant manager, Mission Bay

"There are hundreds of cyclists here. They need a place where they can pay $5 or $10 to go and bike."
George Banouchev, Mamma Mia restaurant, Mission Bay

"People who pay the road tax should get to use the road. Cyclists think they own the road. If you beep at them, they show you the fingers."
Sani Dobroshi, Mamma Mia restaurant, Mission Bay

"A woman knocked me off when I was riding in the bus lane. Some cyclists do stupid things, but there's a lot more motorists, and the proportion of motorists who do stupid things is greater."
Neil Smith, cyclist

"I had someone stop their car and let their dog out in front of me, and I hit the dog. Things are thrown at you, water bombs in the summer."
Lauren Corbett, cyclist

"Drivers here don't have that culture of looking out for cyclists. People just cruising on the cycle lane never have any problem."
Steven Ferguson, Ferg's Kayaks