A complaint will be made to the Independent Police Conduct Authority after a Wellington student allegedly had his neck broken by a police baton as a party was shut down.

Police were called to a Khandallah party last Friday after gatecrashers began fighting outside, Fairfax Media reported.

Although the gatecrashers fled when police arrived, 18 officers entered the house and used batons to drive the remaining 40 guests from the house, the partygoers claimed.

Jakob Christie, 19, said the end of a police baton was jabbed into his neck, causing a vertebrae to break.

He woke on Saturday unable to move his head and X-rays showed a lower neck vertebrae had broken.

Mr Christie had to wear a neckbrace and may need surgery to reattach the piece of bone, but was not paralysed.

He said he was told to "eff off" when he asked for the badge number of the officer who hit him.

At least six people had contributed to a complaint to be submitted to the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

Wellington Police area commander Inspector Peter Cowan said he understood police needed to quickly gain control of a confused situation.

"People were fighting on the street, bottles were being thrown. What needs to happen immediately is firm and assertive action."

He said inappropriate police action would not be tolerated and encouraged the partygoers to make a complaint to the conduct authority.

"If people need to be held to account we will hold them to account."

Eight people arrested in the incident would appear in Wellington District Court on Friday.