A man charged over the death of a woman reported missing last Sunday lived two doors down from Tisha Lowry, who went missing almost a year ago.

Police are understood to be searching for the bodies of two women at an address in Christchurch, one of them Lowry.

Police have today charged a 32-year-old man over the death of a 35-year-old woman.

The man arrested and the dead woman have the same surname.

The Herald now understands the body of Ms Lowry, who disappeared almost a year ago, could also be at the Wainoni address. She lived two doors down.

Neighbour Jason Hall lives in between Ms Lowry's house and the property being searched.

He said of the couple who lived in the searched house: "I never once heard them arguing.

"They were a quiet couple and kept to themselves. We'd talk over the fence, just the sort of stuff like 'How's going?"."

In another twist, it is understood police are looking at any potential links with the unsolved murder of Christchurch sex worker Mellory Manning, killed about three months after Ms Lowry disappeared.

She was last seen in the central city late on December 19 last year. It is believed she was murdered by a potential client and her mutilated body was driven to the Avon River where it was dumped.

Head of the investigation into 28-year-old Ms Lowry's disappearance, Detective Senior Sergeant Virginia le Bas said today that her staff were working on the Lowry case, but referred any further inquiries to Detective Inspector Tom Fitzgerald.

Mr Fitzgerald, who is heading the inquiry into the death of the 35-year-old woman, would not discuss the matter and hung up when the Herald called.

Ms Lowry lived with her grandfather two doors down from the house which is currently being searched. It is on the corner of Hampshire St and Wainoni Rd in Christchurch.

She was last seen on the morning of September 25 2008, after leaving the Bower Tavern, North New Brighton, to walk to her Hampshire St home.

Her disappearance left police mystified and no leads.

About eight months after she disappeared, police issued a $20,000 reward for information that lead to the discovery of her body, or that resulted in the conviction of the person responsible for her disappearance or death.

The reward and immunity offer was to remain in place until December 31, 2009.

Police said further details would be released later today.