British botanist and environmental campaigner David Bellamy will give a public talk on New Zealand conservation at Massey University next Wednesday.

Professor Bellamy, famous for his impassioned insights into the wonders and fragilities of nature in documentaries such as Moa's Ark, filmed in New Zealand, will also meet post-graduate students in Massey's Institute of Natural Sciences Ecology and Conservation Group at the Albany campus.

Group head associate professor Dianne Brunton said yesterday that the meeting would provide an opportunity to discuss some of the projects her colleagues and the students were working on, such as kakapo and kakariki research.

"David Bellamy is an inspirational figure," Dr Brunton said.

"We're thrilled he is taking the time to come and talk to us and to hear about some of our conservation research projects."

Professor Bellamy will also visit the Three Streams conservation project at Albany, as well as Long Bay and Shakespeare Regional parks next week.

Professor Bellamy has written and presented more than 400 television programmes, 80 scientific papers and many books on botany, ecology and environmental issues.