Police are annoyed at having to rescue a tramper for the second time from a snow-covered ridge in the Ruahine Ranges as dusk fell last night.

The 59-year-old Hastings man had been rescued from the same spot less than a month ago.

Police say last night's rescue cost $1500 and put the lives of the rescue team at risk.

A spokeswoman for the Lowe Corporation rescue helicopter said it responded to a police search and rescue request to find the tramper who was experiencing difficulties.

"It was right on dark and he was at the top of a ridge in the snow. He misjudged the weather and his timing," she told NZPA.

The man was flown to Hawke's Bay Hospital for a check-up but there was nothing wrong with him medically.

But police say the man had been warned not to attempt the trip in alpine conditions, Hawke's Bay Today reported.

He was first rescued on July 14 from the Golden Crown area of the Ruahine Ranges after he was caught out by heavy snow, deteriorating weather and lack of daylight.

Police said then he was not carrying the right equipment, had not planned his trip well and didn't have the fitness level to complete the trip.

At that time poor weather had prevented the rescue helicopter from being used, so police search and rescue squad members and volunteers from Hawke's Bay LandSar walked into the Ruahine Ranges and found the man about 11pm in a cold and mildly hypothermic state.

Hawke's Bay search and rescue co-ordinator Detective Sergeant Luke Shadbolt said today the man's actions were irresponsible at best and "have put the lives of our rescue staff at risk to get him out of situations that he was ill-equipped and under prepared to deal with".

"This individual has failed to learn the lessons of the last rescue. He has a poor appreciation of winter conditions in the Ruahine Ranges.

"It highlights the importance of good planning, good equipment and a good understanding of your capabilities and limitations in the back-country environment."

Mr Shadbolt said he had looked into what charges could be laid but said it was unfortunate no provisions existed to take the man to court.