Double-murderer John Barlow has been denied parole .

Barlow, who is serving a 14-year jail term for the 1994 murders of father and son businessmen Eugene and Gene Thomas in their central Wellington office, was convicted in a rare third trial.

He appeared before the Parole Board on March 31, after first appearing for consideration last November.

The November hearing was adjourned to allow for further psychological testing, which the board said indicated he would still pose a risk to the community.

"We are not prepared to take the risk of releasing him at this time," the board's decision read.

However, the board said it did support reintegrative leave for Barlow, saying he was clearly in the reintegrative phase of his sentence.

"Release to work and graduated home leaves will be appropriate in a safe planned way at this time."

Meanwhile, Barlow is waiting to hear the decision of the Privy Council in London after he lodged an appeal against his conviction in February.