That's the price of 72 bottles, or six cases, of Stopbanks ' />

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams' message in a bottle has cost ratepayers' $1343.52.

That's the price of 72 bottles, or six cases, of Stopbanks 2007 sauvignon blanc that Mr Williams is serving with a whiff of political rhetoric at civic functions.

He says people can read what they like into the name of the wine, but he is upfront about his opposition to Auckland becoming a super city and Auckland City Mayor John Banks becoming its mayor.

A right-wing blogger, Whaleoil's Cameron Slater, has joined the political joust by making a request to the council under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act about how many bottles and how much was spent on the "Stop Banks" wine.

He said Mr Williams had spent ratepayers' money on his "silly little joke".

Mr Williams, who gave bottles of the wine to other mayors in Auckland - with exception of Mr Banks - at Christmas, believes he is the target of a political campaign.

He said that in the past week he had been criticised by Cam Slater - the son of Citizens & Ratepayers president John Slater and a friend of Mr Banks, Mr Banks' former press secretary Cameron Brewer, who now heads the Newmarket Business Association and Auckland City C&R councillor Aaron Bhatnagar.

Mr Brewer slammed Mr Williams for thanking those in the provinces lumped with a fuel tax to help Auckland's transport woes.

Mr Bhatnagar said Mr Williams' photo should be held up to anyone questioning the need for a local government shakeup.

Mr Williams said the wine was paid from the budget for civic functions which includes expenditure each year on alcohol of $7500 to $8000.

Remaining stocks of the wine are expected to last until the end of the year.

Mr Williams will not be over-imbibing: "If you have too much of it it leaves a really bitter taste in your mouth. It's best in small doses."