Key Points:

A driver stopped for the 12th time for driving whilst drunk was among nearly 100 drivers found driving with excess breath alcohol in an operation on Auckland's North Shore at the weekend.

Senior Sergeant Rod Fraser said 94 people were found to have been driving with excess breath alcohol at checkpoints in an operation run between 7pm on Friday and 2am today.

He said the driver with 11 previous convictions had a reading more than 2-1/2 times the legal limit.

"This gentlemen didn't appear to be to concerned and in fact told Police that he knew of the their checkpoint location as a mate had sent him a text message advising him, he still chose to drive home," Mr Fraser said.

Thirty-five of the 94 people detected with excess breath alcohol have elected to have blood tests taken.

Mr Fraser said 13 vehicles were impounded along with 18 motorists' driver's licenses that were suspended. There were also 11 people arrested for other offences including drugs and weapons charges and driving whilst disqualified.

Mr Fraser said the numbers apprehended were considerably higher than the last drink drive operation run on the North Shore.