Key Points: has hit the streets to find out what Aucklanders think of their new logo. Here are some of the reactions:

Everyone will say it stands for "A*******". No, I don't like it. I preferred the old City of Sails logo."

Stevo, Takapuna

It's messy and I don't think it says Auckland at all.

Ross, St. Helliers

What's it meant to represent? It says nothing. I preferred the old City of Sails council logo.

Tristam, Northcote

I don't like the frayed edging. It would be better off blue, going for more of a watery effect. This isn't what Auckland is. We're a bit more maritime.

Peter, Chatswood

It does remind me of the bridge a bit - with the construction lines. I'm not mad about the colours. I'm more of a blue person.

Sean, Torbay

I don't like the colours. I thought Auckland has always been blue. I like the big 'A' bit though.

Joe, Massey

It's obviously 'A' for Auckland but I'm not sure how it actually ties in with the character or themes of Auckland. That would be my concern. I didn't see the lava or volcano concept but I'm not sure that's what people associate with Auckland.

Sunil, Remuera

It's quite funky. I like that it's mad and unusual and not all groomed.

Nikki, Australian visitor

I like the colour and the boldness. It's great.

Rachel, Massey

It looks a bit industrial for Auckland in my opinion, with those scattered lines. The city is a bit more beautiful than a lot of scaffolding.

David, Australian visitor

It's beautiful and elegant. I do like the colours.

Inder, Avondale

It's very creative and a bit rustic. I like it. To be fair I'm not a fan of the colour, but I like the shape. It looks a bit like the carbon fibre fabric used to build sails.

Mandy, Whangaparoa

I quite like it with the big "A". The colours are nice and it's kind of abstract.

Te Kaea, Howick

It's messy. I understand it's based on a volcano but I'm really not sure. The jury's out as far as I'm concerned.

Paul, Kingsland