Key Points:

A pregnant woman's 4WD in which she was brutally abducted in west Auckland on Friday was found today.

Waitakere Police said the Isuzu Bighorn, registration BDZ904, was found in Eastdale Road, Avondale, next to Eastdale Park.

The 4WD was used by two people who knocked the pregnant woman unconscious as she was trying to get into it outside the National Bank in the west Auckland suburb of New Lynn, 14km southwest of downtown Auckland, about 4.15pm on Friday.

She was driven around unconscious in the vehicle for more than three hours before being shoved onto a grass verge near Rosebank Road, about 5km to the north.

Detective Sergeant Pete Litherland said the 4WD was found about 11am today.

"We will be examining it over the next day or two," Mr Litherland told the Sunday Star-Times.

"We are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen the vehicle in or in the vicinity of Eastdale Road between Friday night and Sunday."

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said she didn't hear her assailants coming and awoke on lying on the back seat of the car, where she lay quiet as long as she could.

"I can't remember whether I mumbled something or whether I coughed then they knew that I had come to," she said.

"Then I felt his hand reach over and then I heard the car slow down...I could feel his hand sitting on top of my head and I knew that he was about to open the door. The door just flung open, and he pushed."

She said she tried to twist as she fell to protect her baby but she was shoved again and hit the ground hard with her left side and her waters broke when she hit the ground.

No passers-by would help her in dark and rainy conditions. Eventually she went to a dairy, where a shop assistant would not help her until she'd served a customer.

She was eventually taken to hospital where she spent the night, with a guard on the door, while her baby's heartbeat was monitored. She later went home and so far her baby has been diagnosed as unharmed.

Mr Litherland said police spoke to her today and would need to do so again in the next few days.

He would not comment on reports that she said her assailants spoke an Asian language.