A teenager held his 14-year-old friend as he bled to death from a stab wound to the chest after a random attack.

Manaola Kaumeafaiva died in a carpark outside Avondale College on Sunday night after attending a Hip Hop for God youth rally.

The popular student and budding softball star told his friend: "Walter, I'm stabbed. I'm bleeding."

They were Mana's last words.

Walter said he pulled off his T-shirt and put it on Mana's chest.

"I could feel him breathing and he was trying to talk to me and I said, 'Don't talk, save your energy'."

Walter said they had gone outside because the hall was crowded.

"On the street a guy was just walking along. He was shouting 'F*** West Side'.

"Mana said, 'Oh, good bro', and the guy came up to him and said, 'You have an eye problem?'

"Mana said, 'It's all right, bro', and the guy just got out a pocket knife and stabbed Mana in the chest.

"He tried to get me too and I ran towards Mana.

"He collapsed in the carpark and I just took him and held him."

A 16-year-old who rushed to help was also stabbed and had surgery for injuries described as moderate.

Walter said he did not recognise the other victim, who had tried to intervene and stop the stabbing, which happened at 9pm as people left the Christian youth rally.

"The guy was helping us. He just came up and he went after the other guy and he got stabbed."