She's got a spring date with a potential new mate.

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Hamilton Zoo's treasured Sumatran tiger Molek is shifting north to Auckland.

She's got a spring date with a potential new mate.

His name is Oz, and he's a young male Sumatran tiger arriving in Auckland from Tel Aviv in September.

The pair are from different bloodlines, but animal lovers are hoping they'll make the perfect match.

Auckland Zoo, which is playing the lead role as cupid, says the potential couple will play a vital role in the Australasian captive breeding programme.

The Sumatran tiger species is on the critically endangered list. There are just 160 in captivity, and fewer than 400 are thought to exist in the wild.

Molek is the younger sister of Auckland Zoo's female tiger Nisha, who died from a stroke a fortnight ago. An autopsy also found widespread cancer.

Before her death, Nisha was being lined up as the partner for Oz.

Hamilton Zoo director and Australasian species management programme committee member Stephen Standley said Molek would be sadly missed by the Hamilton staff and the Waikato region in general.

Molek would be saying goodbye to her siblings, Jaka (male), and Mencari (female), both of which will remain in Hamilton.

Auckland Zoo director Glen Holland said the loss of Nisha had been a huge blow.

"But the need to progress this captive breeding programme is more important than ever, and we're absolutely delighted, and very thankful, to be getting Molek."

Mr Holland said if zoos and the Indonesian Government did not act quickly and intelligently, there was a risk that wild Sumatran tigers would disappear within 15 years.

Mr Standley said Molek's relocation presented an opportunity to protect her bloodline.

Hamilton's tigers were not originally selected for reproduction.

Auckland Zoo is aiming to raise $1 million to bring Oz to Auckland and build his enclosure.

Some of the funds will also be channelled into projects that aim to help keep the tigers in the wilderness where poaching is a threat.