A mother was left stunned and fuming after the man who admitted having underage sex with her teenage daughter was jailed for 12 months yesterday.

"It's not enough," the stunned mother said.

Katikati orchardist Glenn Murray Burwell, 44, a former Hamilton toy store owner, was convicted of engaging in a sexual relationship with her 15-year-old daughter.

He admitted three charges of sexual intercourse with an underage girl and three related charges of indecency.

The woman, who for legal reasons cannot be named, said she was astounded that Burwell, who "ruined my daughter's life", received such a light punishment.

Between December 2004 and March 2005, Burwell became involved with the girl while she was staying with him in his Waikato and Katikati homes, Tauranga District Court was told.

Burwell subjected the Hamilton girl to sexual acts, which later led to her becoming his sexual partner.

Judge Thomas Ingram, who denounced Burwell's behaviour but said the charges were "not at the top end of sexual offending", granted him leave to apply for home detention.

The mother said she and her daughter were both disgusted with the sentence.

"I'm not sure whether to appeal, but I'm definitely going to make a submission when it comes to home detention. He could be out in six weeks."

She said that was "nothing" compared to the anguish Burwell had caused her daughter and the stress the court case had put on her family.