A $150,000 millennium sculpture donated by Chinese New Zealanders to Auckland will be placed in the Domain after a plan to put it by the Parnell Rose Gardens was rejected because of a lack of consultation.

When local residents discovered the Auckland City Council plan to put the 5m-high stainless-steel Millennium Tree in Dove-Myer Robinson Park in early October there was uproar.

There were concerns the sculpture was to be placed on an archaeological site, that it would affect old pohutukawa trees in the park, that valuable park space would be lost and that the site was inappropriate.

A protest group of residents was formed to stop work at the site.

But it appears everybody is happy with the new location near the Wintergarden. It is understood the sculpture will be put up within months.

City councillor Richard Simpson, said a tremendous amount of consultation had gone into the new Domain location.

Early Chinese people in Auckland before the gold rushes had market gardens around the Domain area, he said.

"It makes sense to put it there ... With the Domain being very much associated with the genesis of Auckland and the early Chinese people there is some significance having it there.

"The other thing is it is probably the most visited of all the parks.

"This is a very generous gift from the Chinese community to the city and it deserves to be in a great place."

Architect Ron Sang, a trustee of the Chinese New Zealanders Millennium Trust, said that after initial disappointment over the rejection of the original sites nominated for the sculpture, including the Viaduct Harbour, the new location was "very, very good".

The site and the $10,000 costs associated with the sculpture's move are expected to be endorsed when the Hobson Community Board holds its next meeting tomorrow.