'Who did my sister marry?': The extraordinary life of a Kiwi who was accused of killing his wife

David Fisher
David Fisher

Senior writer, NZ Herald

  • A Kiwi man with multiple identities is the focus of a new court case in England alleging his wife, Paula Leeson, was murdered so he could cash in on multiple insurance policies.
  • Born Alex Lang of Takapuna, the former Westlake Boys student was known as Donald McPherson to Paula’s family who are seeking a court ruling to keep him from receiving $7 million in insurance money.
  • Journalist David Fisher studied the evidence and interviewed witnesses for this 2022 investigation, republished as the new civil court case begins in England.

Have you seen Alex Lang? Or Donald McPherson, as he was known when he stood trial in an English courtroom for the murder of his wife, Paula Leeson.

Paula's brother Neville Leeson wants to