Big Brother is watching over Hamilton's main cemetery after a $12,000 security system was installed last week to crack down on dangerous burnouts and vandalism.

The CCTV system was installed at Hamilton Park Cemetery, on the outskirts of Hamilton on Morrinsville Rd, last week.

Council's parks and recreation manager Maria Barrie said the cameras aimed to crack down on the growing number of vehicle burnouts that were putting mourners and staff at risk and costing ratepayers money.

"Unfortunately, for some members of our community burnouts in cars or on motorcycles are seen as a mark of respect at a funeral.


"But it's unsafe and there's a very real threat of one of these people losing control of the vehicle."

The burnouts were also destroying the burial lawns and the roads in the cemetery.

The cameras would be focused on the outside areas and any footage that caught the culprits in action would be passed on to police.

The CCTV system would not be used to monitor services in the chapel or cremations.

A number of council facilities such as FMG Stadium Waikato and Hamilton Zoo already have CCTV systems installed.