Almost half of all voters in a recent poll say National Leader Simon Bridges should do what he can to kick former National MP Jami-Lee Ross out of Parliament.

Under new legislation, National could do this, but the party strongly opposed the Waka Jumping bill when it was going through Parliament.

A 1 News/Colmar Brunton poll asked if Bridges should use the law to remove Ross from Parliament.

Some 44 per cent of respondents said yes, 24 per cent said no and 31 per cent did not know.


"It's interesting to see what the public think about all of this, but of course we voted against this law," Bridges told 1 News.

He said it was a bad law.

The number of respondents who think Bridges should use the Waka Jumping rules to get rid of Ross jumps to 62 per cent among National Party supporters.

Despite being against the rules, Bridges would not rule out using it.

"I don't think we can rule anything out, certainly we're not going to use it while he is unwell."

This is despite National voting against it and promising to repeal the law if it is elected to Government in 2020.

Under the Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill – commonly referred to as the Waka Jumping Bill – MPs who quit, or are expelled, from their party would also be ejected from Parliament.

It is up to the parties whether or not to use it.

Enacting the legislation was part of the New Zealand First/Labour Party Coalition agreement.

NZ First Leader Winston Peters said Bridges is on the wrong side of this issue.
Ross is expected to return to Parliament next year.