Key Points:

We've rounded up some campaign coverage highlights from various websites...

1. The Greens' banned list

Kiwiblog's David Farrar started to wonder just how many things the Greens wanted to ban. So he wrote them down. Then he published them on the web. All 85 of them.

2. Caption this

Hundreds of people haven't been able to resist an invitation from to send in caption suggestions for recent campaign photos. It turns out some of you are rather funny.

3. Crunching the numbers, polling the polls

A Wikipedia article that Public Address's Russell Brown says is partially the work of Denmark-based New Zealander Mark Payne, presents an admirable summary of the opinion polls commissioned in the lead up to the election.

4. Giving the election a little character was so impressed by the musings of Mr Plant and his Future New Zealand party in the TVNZ mockumentary, The Pretender, we offered him a blog. He accepted.

5. Creative interpretation

Foghorn has been running this "pimp a billboard" competition. Just because.

6. Maori seats: FYI

With all the talk about the Maori seats it's helpful to know their history. This piece on is a great starting point - don't miss the section at the bottom about the Maori seats under MMP.

7. Apparently it's the "schizzle"

Love it or hate it, Fairfax digital have created this election-themed, gangsta rap-styled, music video.

8. Having trouble deciding? Take a quiz has teamed up with US company Glassbooth to create a quiz they hope will help inform voters. It's quick and people seem to find it a useful exercise.

9. Tracking politicians is running an election tracker. It lets you know which politician is where and what they're doing.

10. Monitoring the nation's political pulse

This MSN NZ real time poll gauges people's reaction to "the issue of the day".