Key Points:

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne would have a ministerial portfolio in a National-led government under a support agreement announced today.

Speaking at Parliament this morning, National leader John Key did not specify what portfolio Mr Dunne would be given under National but said he looked forward to 'Peter serving as a minister'.

Peter Dunne pledged UnitedFuture's support for National, saying after six years working with Labour the party believed its policies were more closely aligned with National's.

"We believe it is unlikely we will be able to make further progress on key UnitedFuture policies because of ideological barriers that have to some extent already been erected by Labour - barriers that would most certainly be entrenched by a Labour-Green-New Zealand First government," he said.

"It is also our view that New Zealand is looking for a change in direction and UnitedFuture wants to be a part of, and make a constructive contribution to that change."

Mr Key said National anticipated needing support from other parties to form a government and saw UnitedFuture as a natural support party.

"In fact, it is a preferred 'cab off the rank'," he said.

"Mr Dunne has served New Zealand as a Minister in both National and Labour led governments, and I respect his experience and the contribution he has made thus far.

"I look forward to Peter serving as a Minister in the next National-led government."

Both leaders listed infrastructure, health and law and order as areas of policy their parties could work on together.