Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include eight deaths from a lightning strike, a "pop-up party" in Tauranga and Tis the Season to be cut from car wrecks.

Paramedic Dave Jack was forced to hold a suspected drunk driver still for more than an hour while he was being cut out of car wreckage. And apparently it was a miracle no one died after an overloaded, speeding car fled from police and crashed.

Add Facebook, 500 teens and some DJs and apparently you have a "pop-up party."

Eight cows have died in a lightning strike. Warning, graphic image.


Five-year-old Oliver was chasing a ball across Ruakaka Beach when suddenly he started screaming in agony. And a three-year old was run over by a car in Tauranga, but was very lucky.

It is unclear whether Brendan Horan will take the New Zealand First logo off his surf board.

Meanwhile, a man has been charged with the aggravated robbery of a Whanganui TAB.

The teenage girl who stole 82-year-old Gavin Hayes' car will spend Christmas behind bars. Meanwhile a judge is refusing to let Lukis William Ryland out of prison.

This sleepy street comes alive after dark. Meanwhile, Hastings is hoping fairy lights will make it a more attractive nightlife spot.

Apparently there's a list of list of New Zealand's "Sexiest Sports Stars".

Meanwhile in Russell a photo-ionisation detector has been called in.

If you are not sure where Ohinemutu is, ask Tamati Coffey.

Rufus has died and his death is a mystery.

Around 150 protesters demonstrated outside Dargaville courthouse, including lawyers, Justices of the Peace, iwi, business owners, service groups and the public.

Petrobras officials apaprently made a last-ditch attempt to save their Raukumara Basin exploration project by asking for time to seek a financial partner.

For the second year in a row, someone has stolen some children's pet lamb from a Taratahi farm. Apparently Ramsey would have walked straight up to the thieves.

The future of the Lake Waikaremoana Motor Camp is apparently up in the air.

Repeatedly banging on the front door of a Masterton House earned Jason Dean Hart a fine plus court costs.

A man wanted in relation to an alleged aggravated robbery in Christchurch has turned himself in.

The cigarette butt apparently smouldered all day, before the deck eventually caught fire setting the house alight.

Meanwhile, police are on the lookout for a burglar with a pony-tail in the Riccarton area.

Suddenly kayaker Paul Hannah was surrounded by a pod of bottlenose dolphins in Otago Harbour.

Linda Forbes is taking a stand against the sale of synthetic drugs in Oamaru. Meanwhile vandals have gone on a destructive spree in the town.

Over on the West Coast, the Department of Conservation is busy taking men in their 80's to court for illegally setting whitebait nets, although one has dementia and may not be able to appear.

Meanwhile Westland District Council has recommended cancelling the 'Great Whitebait Festival' next year.

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