Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include a ninja pulling a gun on people at the Taupiri Hotel, a disturbance at the Kerikeri library and how to avoid being tricked by virus ridden messages on Twitter.

A man in a ninja suit carrying a rifle with a silencer has terrorised patrons outside a Waikato pub.

A man who objected to noise in Kerikeri's public library ended up being arrested.

Twitter direct message (DM) viruses are doing the rounds again, but there are ways of checking whether a shortened URL is safe to visit or not.


Homeless hobo Carl Schischka is a silent hero.

The Northland region would appear to hold the record for people on the run and evading police.

Mr Zhou's 18-month-old son and 3-year-old daughter did not understand what was happening when two men came into the family shop brandishing a big gun and knife and ran over to greet the men.
It is still not clear why four Hastings teenagers decided to push a car they stole into a steep ditch. Meanwhile Hastings in the 1910s was seen as a progressive town.

In an effort to alleviate violence at local Hawke's Bay rugby games, they are roping off spectators. Meanwhile new skills are helping Northland rugby players move on.

Growers illegally shooting up their kiwifruit with drugs have escaped prosecution.

Wayne Bracken frequently referred to himself as "the Devil" and called himself "Bracano" saying he was protected by the Italian mafia.

The days of macaroni necklaces and potato prints at kindy appear to be over.

There's been a three-vehicle crash involving a truck and trailer unit north of Rotorua this morning.

Close to 1000 people gathered this morning at Kawerau's Hahuru Marae to pay their respects to Corporal Luke Tamatea.

A Te Puke beekeeper stole 400kg of bees among other things.

A Tauranga man who waved a large metal wrench at a young woman who discovered him at her property has been jailed for two years and three months.

Record high petrol prices were putting extra pressure on Gisborne's most vulnerable residents.

Thieves have stolen spray cans, Lego and childrens scooters in Masterton. Here are the signs your child may be huffing.

Missy is lucky to be alive after being mauled by a vicious dog. (graphic content)

Another Australian man with a criminal record has been refused entry to Queenstown.

Labour Party leader David Shearer's latest plan to save New Zealand's manufacturing industry involves a bit of "patriotism".

The "Dunedin Study" has shown heavy use of marijuana before the age of 18 causes lasting harm to intelligence, attention and memory.

Boy racers are apparently still terrorising staff and clients at a Dunedin Brothel.

Palmerston Primary School pupils were devastated to discover two wheelie bins had been set on fire on Sunday afternoon.

After years of campaigning, Greymouth's new recycling scheme is under way.

The top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at Noon were: #FollowTheWanted, #EmpowerNZ, #10TurnOns, New Zealand, Wellington, Auckland, Facebook, Twitter, GREAT and Instagram.