Kiwi pop star Lorde has been staying up till 4am slaving away on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1.

The project's workload is proving to be an all-consuming undertaking.

"Right now I've hardly even had time to watch TV because I've been just playing a show and getting home at midnight and working on the soundtrack until four and then going to bed," she told TV3's current affairs show Campbell Live.

The singer has revealed that Grace Jones and Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon will feature on the soundtrack, but is staying tight-lipped about the rest of the lineup.


One thing the Royals hitmaker has been struggling with is trying to keep the film's big-wigs happy, while keeping creative control.

"You don't realise before you do something like that how much work it is and how challenging it is to have to answer to a billion dollar franchise."

Her first single Yellow Flicker Beat has been released with immediate success.

"I'm definitely very thankful that I have the platform to release something and it's picked up by people and it's talked about.

"Pure Heroine came out about a year and five days ago now ... that impacted quite fast, but it's nothing compared to this."

The full Hunger Games track list is being released later this month.

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