It's New Zealand Music Month - the perfect opportunity to go in search of something new. Each day we're asking a member of our local creative fraternity to throw a little limelight on an artist or group they want you to know about.

"I heard Renee play a number of years ago and I got shivers down my spine. Then she played to my friends and brought them to tears," says Ben King - record producer, ex-Goldenhorse member and the creative crux of Grand Rapids.

'Renee' is Renee-Louise Carafice, who now lives in Nashville.

"She is a writer of sublime music. There are a lot of clever songwriters in New Zealand. Some are mind-bending in their approach to music, able to offer up something really stimulating - something that you can study and applaud for its complexities.

"Renee is something else altogether. Her songs reach deep inside those who dare to listen and once inside they squeeze your heart, drawing on beautiful and painful emotions.


"Thinking and appreciating are put to the side, replaced by a powerful visceral experience."

In 2005 King and engineer Nick Abbott joined her in Chicago and made Tells You To Fight at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio recording studio B.

It's that album that contains King's recommendation - Asylum Escape Song.

"I love this song. It has a heavy, sedated pulse, and an honest, brave lyric. Just a beautiful song."

Renee-Louise Carafice: Asylum Escape Song

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