Key Points:

With five New Zealand singles in the Top 40 this week, local music is arguably more prolific than ever having overcome its cultural cringe status of the 90s.

Yet some of the most popular Kiwi tunes remain tracks from 20 years ago.

In 2001 APRA release a list of the top 100 New Zealand songs of all time, with Fourmyula's Nature taking the top spot.

Crowded House made number two with Don't Dream It's Over, while Dave Dobbyn's anthemic Loyal rounded out the top three.

Six years on, have things changed? Undoubtedly, more local music has been produced, but is it any good?

We asked you to send us your picks for New Zealand's greatest songs so we could compile them and put the most commonly nominated to a poll for you to select the top ten rankings.

Your picks:
Matthew M
Here's mine, no particular order:
(1) Point that thing somewhere else - The Clean
(2) Summer Stone - the 3ds
(3) Adults and Children - the Gordons
(4) Amino - HDU
(5) Fat Gut Strut - The Mint Chicks
(6) Fast Ostrich - Toy Love
(7) Wild for You - Rock and Roll Machine
(8) Buddy - Snapper

Phil Hayhoe
Into Temptation - Neil Finn. A song about that moment between desire and action... also extremely well constructed, beautiful chords and Neil at the top of his game.
Welcome Home - Dave Dobbyn. Captures the essence of kiwi multi-cuturalism in a way that moves me every time I hear it.
Dominion Road - Don McGlashan. It's just so us really.

Jezebel - Jon Stevens
She's a Mod - Double J and Twice the T (with Ray Columbus)
Life begins at 40 - Dave and the Dynamos
Yep, there's been some goodies.

"Slice of heaven" - No doubt about it.

T-rock Burrows
damn how long have i waited to do this!?
1. 'jesus i was evil' Darcy Clay (God bless his soul)and 'riverhead' by Goldenhorse (Kirsten - you're the most gorgeous women alive!)
2. 'six months in a leaky boat' Split Enz
3. 'gutter black' Hello Sailor
4. 'cornbag' Head Like a Hole (HLAH)
5. 'coming on' Weta
6. 'glad i'm not a Kennedy' Shona Laing
7. 'naked flame' Dave Dobbyn (Dobbo you're the frickin man!)
8. 'magic what she do' DD Smash
9. 'pacifier' Shihad
10. 'onwards' Rombus
11. 'scorpio girls' Supergroove
i'm way over my quota here but special mentions gotta be made of 'be mine tonite', 'heater' (muttonbirds), lots of dragon songs, 'nature', the clean, the chills, the headless chickens, fur patrol, 'bliss', 'she's jive', 'dance stamina' and 'candy arse' by Pluto. i could go for days, but won't.

Shiny Disco Balls Burrows
1. 'i'm on fire' best ever cover - HLAH (what happened to guys when's the comeback!?)
2. themesong to Shortland Street, makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, it really does
3.'riverhead' Goldenhorse
4. 'all in an afternoon' Phoenix Foundation - you dind't play it at the Bathouse the other night, noted
5. 'we don't know how lucky we are' Fred Dagg o.b.e, phd, c.e.o, byo
6. 'problems' Salmonella Dub
7. 'she's a mod' Ray Columbus
8. 'rain' Dragon
9. 'b.y.o.g' Billy t James
10. 'trippin' Push Push

Tall Dwarfs - Crush
Fetus Productions - Flicker
Goblin Mix - Travelling Grave

Sandra Mullane
1. Death & the Maiden - The Verlaines
2. Not Given Lightly - Chris Knox
3. Message to my Girl - Split Enz
4. Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House
5. Sway - Bic Runga

Dermot Mullane
1. Not Given Lightly - Chris Knox
2. I See Red - Split Enz
3. Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House
4. Beatnik - The Clean
5. Loyal - Dave Dobbyn

My best New Zealand would be :
( 1 ) Home by The Fourmyula.
( 2 ) Find Her By Chaz Burke -Kennedy.
( 3 ) Despair by The Breakaways.
( 4 ) Tania by John Rowles.
( 5 ) Take A Stronger Look by Rockinghorse
( 6 ) Hands Of My Heart by The Warratah's

John Whigham
April Sun In Cuba -- Dragon
Great in the New Zealand sun with a few steinies

Sofie Jensen
1. Counting the beat - The Swingers - Someone play me this song now!
2. My love is blue - Boxcar Guitars
3. Shark Attack

Ian White
Just about anything by Max Merritt but especially Let It Slide

Slice of heaven. that REALLY should be new zealand national anthem!! Loyal,and home again also capture the kiwi spirt.

Don't Dream It's Over, Crowded House for sure

Pokarekare ana
There is only one that is us
Looking at the thoughts put forward at present it seems many only look back 20/30 years. You have to look at our music over the past 100 years and what has stood the trest of time. Many quoted will not be heard in 100 years but Pokarekare ana will be.
As a 2nd choice Blue Smoke - also stood the test of time.

Don't Dream it's Over, Crowded House

A tough question which has generated much debate at my house. I'd say:
1. Home Again (Shihad) for nostalgic expats
2. Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House)
3. Lydia (Fur Patrol)
4. She Speeds (Straitjacket Fits)
5. You Again (Shihad) for that killer opening riff

Matthew Morris
I'd have to say the early 80's were a truly magical period for New Zealand music. Punk and new wave seemed to have a huge influence on New Zealand youth and I'm very thankful to have been a teenager during this time because there were so many really great bands, and such a buzz in the air during those few short years.
Toy Love - Death Rehearsal
Blam, Blam, Blam - Don't fight it marsha, it's bigger than both of us.
The Clean - Anything could happen
The Chills - Pink frost
DD Smash - Outlook for Thursday
Dance Exponents - I'll say goodbye (Even Tho' I'm Blue)
The Narcs - Heart and soul
Headless chickens - Mr Moon

Don't Dream its Over Crowded House, you know you're going to sing along to it, hey now? Stuff and Nonsense Split Enz beautiful heartfelt. Slice of Heaven, nothing like driving along the West Coast singing along with Dave.

Trev Dagg
Slice of Heaven Dave Dobbyn because its NZ
Counting the Beat The Swingers so damn catchy
She's a Mod Ray Colombos classic from its generation.

Mike Edgar
"God Defend New Zealand". The melody and (some of) the lyrics are known and revered by most New Zealanders, many of whom neither know nor care anything about the pop songs emanting out of the bedrooms of the nation. Our national anthem represents all New Zealanders with the exception only of Helen Clark and her crone knees.

Mike Berry
Onward by rhombus. wellington REPRESENT!

Andrew Black
Stuff and Nonsense by Split Enz. Sensational song, covered by a few people and has never sounded anything other than great.

Adrian H
Rain by Dragon!!!!!

Together Alone (from the Crowded House album Together Alone)

Barry D
The best song has to be LOYAL by Dave Dobbyn

Andy Whale
Tuk tuk, by The Black Seeds. It's the meat and three veg of contemporary NZ beats, what a way to start an album. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrespect.

Andrew Beckett
"Sitting Inside my Head" by Supergroove, or "six months in a leaky boat" by Split Enz. Living abroad these songs always remind me of home.

Definitely Dont Dream Its Over. Closely followed by Six Months In A Leaky Boat and Rain by Dragon.

Six Months in a Leaky Boat. Pay attention to the lyrics and to the sweetest music ever. Brilliant stuff.

Suzie Thomson
Favourite NZ group has to be Marc Hunter and Dragon. "Are you old enough" is a great song - brings back memories of youth, freedom, parties, few responsibilities and a fantastic 'sound!' Yeah awesome...

Rain by Dragon (closely followed by several other Dragon songs and some by the Feelers).

Why Does Love Do This To Me, by The exponents. Hae guys i only have been in nz for 6 years. But have to say this is by far my fav song. Every time it goes off at a club or pub i absolutely love it.

Ted Filter
Muttonbirds - Dominion Rd. No PC cultural diversity claptrap here, this song is about a place I live, and about the human condition. A human condition that transcends race, gender and culture. Great vocal harmonies, and an enduring melody, this song has it all.

Alison Arrow
Not give lightly - Chris Knox

Uncle Bazz
I think a vote for "i got you" by split enz for something a little older "Lydia" by Fur Patrol for something a little newer, and "flow" from Kora for a recent release. How can you pick just one i struggled to just pick three. NZ music rules...

Chris Knox's Love not Given Lightly (first dance song at our wedding!!), or Straightjacket Fits' She Speeds

My vote goes to the brilliant 'Slippin' Away' - Max Merrot & The Meteors, a great international hit and oh so easy to sing along to, cheers to NZ music.

I guess I'm showing my age but Mi-Sex and Space Race is right up there with the best of them. The Knobz and Don't give me culture was another early 80's classic.

"Home again" by Shihad Best song ever!

HAS to be Shihad's Home Agin

The quintessential love song Not given lightly by Chris Knox

Chris Ward
Best NZ written song has got to be Dont Dream It's Over by Crowded House.

Christine Nikiel
'Lydia' by Fur Patrol

The only real modern song i'd consider to be in the top 5 would be 'Shihad, Home Again' There isnt really any good modern kiwi music, none of the hip hop or pop would even come close. In fact, i would probably have atleast 2 Shihad songs in the top 5, the other being 'Run'. But 'Home Again' would be my number 1.

Message to my My Girl. Split Enz. It's beautiful, it gets inside you, and is one of the most beautiful love songs I'[ve ever heard.

Swimming Pool by Toy Love. Just good loud fun.

Best love song - Message To My Girl, Split Enz.
Best lyrics - Forever Tuesday Morning, The Mockers ("I'd have a piece of nothing pie")
Best overall song - Blue Day, Mi-sex.

Shihad. "Get Up" from Killjoy. If you've ever seen this played live you'll know why. Edged out "You Again". Just.

Poi EE by Patea Maori Club. This was the first time that there was a fusion of Maori language and modern music- this song single also played a large part in the renaissance of the Maori language, which was "termed" as a dying language at that stage ( in the early 80s less than 2 per cent spoke Maori). In 2006, 25 per cent of Maori now speak Maori. Thanks to this song, it became not only cool to speak te reo Maori, but it became cool to dye your hair yellow, put on a white glove and do backspins in the middle of the street!

Captain Charisma
This is a no-brainer: Shihad's 'Home Again' is everything about being at home in New Zealand and everything about being far away from the homeland. The first line alone ("put your clock back for the winter") makes this song the obvious choice.

It's got to be Stuff and Nonsense by Split Enz... the most raw, honest love song ever written in my opinion. 'And I know that I love you/Here and now, not forever.' Very powerful....

Walking in Light by 'th dudes
The General Electric by Shihad
Fingers of Love by Crowded House
Mean to Me by Split Enz
Take a Walk by Split Enz
Message to my Girl by Split Enz
Place to Be by Goodshirt
April Sun in Cuba by Dragon
Gutter Black by Hello Sailor
And more...
too hard to pick just one! just depends on Mood at the time I guess...

Tabatha Voss
Try Whistling This by Neil Finn, this song touched my life it is heart breakingly beautiful, a masterpiece of poetry and music

The Chills, Pink Frost. How can anyone at Uni in the 80's forget that sound?

Verona?? What a joke...
My personal favourite is Anchor Me by The Muttonbirds. Such a great song and remade by a whole bunch of talented NZ musicians as well...

My favourite kiwi song would have to be 'Rain' by Dragon. Followed very closely by 'Why does love do this to me' by the Exponents

Haley Fell
With out a doubt Home Again from Shihad is the best new zealand song ever writtin, the reason being, when your overseas or travelling and you play that song others they are blowen away and love it.

Helen Holloway
Split Enz - I dont wanna dance
DD Smash - Devil you know
Ray Columbus - Shes a Mod
Alison Durban - I have loved me a man
Fur Patrol - Lydia
Fur Patrol - Man in a Box
Dave Dobbyn - Hallelujah Song
Tim and Neil Finn - Mary of the South Seas

In love by the Datsuns is the best NZ song

There are hundreds of tracks that could vie for that coveted title of "Best Song" but from an era that was a bit more innocent and simple in the late seventies comes a goodie that just can't be beat for sheer danceability and groove control. "I Need Your Love" by Golden Harvest.

There are hundreds of tracks that could vie for that coveted title of "Best Song" but from an era that was a bit more innocent and simple in the late seventies comes a goodie that just can't be beat for sheer danceability and groove control. "I Need Your Love" by Golden Harvest.

It's got to be VeTo's DSPF... check it out

Very hard choice, so many great songs.
I have to go for "Victoria" from the Dance Exponents....still guaranteed to get any pub anywhere in NZ singing along.

My vote would be for 'We come from a land down under' by men at work. it just says it all.

Jackie Smith
Welcome Home by Dave Dobbin
The imagery that this song brings up brings tears to my eyes everytime I here it. It makes me proud to be a New Zealander!

Pet Hen Oei
I am a young Asian immigrant to New Zealand who enjoys to listen to the likes of Bic Runga, Broke Fraser, and The Feelers. But i have to say, i would pick the greatest kiwi song ever, in order, got to be the "Ka mate" performed by The All Blacks, "Pokare kare Ana" from Air New Zealand Ads, and "Don't dream it's over" by Crowded House. I would sing them anywhere and will proudly claimed and acknowleged that I am a New Zealand Asian Pakeha.

Turia Davis
Te Taniwha is right. the best NZ song is the one we hear all around the world, at local, national or international events. Millions of sports lovers know the words and the actions of Ka Mate, the sight of our sports men lining up to perform the haka signals, as it should, that combat is about to begin...incidentally, it's also a good warmup routine, gets the mind focussed and ready for 'battle' too!! Yep, Ka Mate gains instant recognition thanks to our world class athletes and international sport, and, it's true I think, to say that millions of sports lovers and a huge world wide audience know the words and actions of 'Ka Mate': that is just AWESOME!!!

Home again (shihad) hands down
Listen to that one and you know you are a kiwi wherever you are
Probably followed by either Slice of Heaven by Dave Dobbyn or Weather With U or Don't Dream Its Over by CH Fishing For Lisa (Feelers) would be up there as well

Mark B
Maybe not the best, But all great songs that still stand up today, musically and their production - great tracks.
Hello Sailor's Gutter Black
The Fits (lots but..) Bad Note /Splendor / She Speeds
Verlaines Death and the Maiden

Netherworld Dancing Toys - "For Today"

Sean McGrath
"Pink Frost" - The Chills. Haunting and unique.

"Pink Frost" - The Chills. Haunting and unique.

"looking forward to tonight" by brent parlane

Sensitive to a Smile - Herbs - it has a unique kiwi sound and it is about what NZ is about despite the current problems we have.

You're all's "Baked Beans" by Mother Goose

Be Mine Tonight. The quintessential Kiwi sing along song. Preferably after consuming a few. They'll be playing it at my funeral.

James Wilson
Loyal - Dave Dobbo!!

"Not Many" by Scribe - probably one of the funniest songs I'd heard when it came out. So NZ when he starts singing at the end: "its all good when you come to my hood, and come to North Canterbury.... East Canterbury etc....." - pure comedy genius

It would have to be, hands down, Home Again by Shihad.

Th' Dudes song Be Mine, is one of my favorites

Pauline Berry
I agree about "You're the Voice" co-written by Chris Thompson, recorded by Johnny Farnham. I also think "System Virtue" by Emma Paki is a fantastic and now-little heard song. "Bathe in the River" by Don McGlashan - outstanding classic which could easily go international. "I Hope I Never" Tim Finn, a nostalgic favourite of mine. I can't choose between them.

Ross Hastings
steel blue skies by the wasp factory or spooky by the 3ds. both show how art can happen when you're at the edge of the world. beautiful both of them.

Karen Jennings
Song by Godfrey De Grut in the NZ on Air Kiwi hit list
Up beat gloriously positive, but with charm and irony,"Any kinda Weather" unfolds a mood of imagined prankish pay back for lost love, infused with images of rain, tears and sunbursts of hope. The song was top of the only radio NZ Station to play ALL NZ music for 3 months after it was released , beating out Dave D, Che , Anika Moa and a myriad of others. Too bad the airplay on other radio was so skimpy!

Richard Stent
Message To My Girl by Split Enz

My husband and i did our Bridal Waltz to Salmonela Dubs "Love your ways" which has to be the best NZ song ever!

Dave Dobyn's "Welcome Home" is the best Kiwi song ever written. It moves you. Cheers!

Perhaps Poi E - Patea Maori Club? although Bliss by the Dudes must rate and there's always Cheryl Moana Marie by NZ Idol 1972 - John Rowles......

Robbo Osborne
"Bliss" by The Dudes a True classic without a doubt The True Kiwi Bloke National Anthem , Sierra Leone by Coconut Rough , Victoria by Dance Exponents, Weep Women Weep by New Plymouth's Sticky Filth oh The list goes on , anything by the Dead Flowers or Shihad

If I have to pick one: Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House.

No change. Still 'Nature' by the Fourmyula. Forty years on, it's still one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

John Ferriss
"Papa People" Bressa Creting Cake
This is hallmark Kiwi sound tres originale

A totally underated NZ song that blows my mind is Freedom by great NZ rock band revolver. It can be found on their new album Parlour Games. Absolute blinder of a song, world class!!

My pick is Don't Dream it's Over by Crowded House. This song still gives me goosebumps, although One Day Ahead by EyeTV is pop perfection and a close second for me.

"Anchor Me" by the Mutton Birds. Simple, beautiful, passionate. Had to drop my Crowded House picks cos Neil keeps selling out telling the media they were/are an Aussie band. Shihad home again, by shihad, does it for me. And one other thing, there was no cultural cringe in the nineties, we had plenty of good music, the only people who had a problem were the sad old men who controlled all the radio stations and had no imagination or taste.

My pick is also from Hello Sailor. "Lying in the Gutter" but not "Blue Lady" which incidently is a song about a hyperdermic syringe that was popular with many junkies in the 70's.

Luke Baxter
How about a timeless feelgood classic from the hardest working NZ band, The Exponents - "Why Does Love Do This To Me". Anyone who saw them on their most recent 'final' tour will agree, singing (shouting?) along with that song on a summer's night is a true Kiwi experience all the way.

We Don't Know How Lucky We Are - Fred Dagg Sums up our position in the world so well!!

'On That Day' by William Dart and Mervyn Thompson from Mervyn's show "Songs to the Judges". Based on a Maori prophet's words, it's a beautiful song about New Zealand having a great future.

For me, the song which evokes the strongest personal feeling of New Zealand-ness, is Home, Land and Sea by Trinity Roots.

Nature has to be ultimate kiwi song, perhaps anchor me too?

"If it weren't for your gumboots" or "We don't know how lucky we are" by Fred Dagg

Definitely Shihad and 'Home Again' No other song has been bellowed as loudly or as often up the ski field roads, on the way to the beach or on the way home from a weekend of missions. As kiwi as it gets...

Surely it has to be "Bliss" by The Dudes? I bet there's not many Kiwis who don't know the lyrics to this one!

B Clark
Best kiwi song ever is "Kulture" by the Knobs. The classic lines: "Don't give me kulture, you're not hearing me Rob! I could buzz around like a Beehive boy, but I'd like to see ya do my job - up front with the Knobs!" This protest song against Piggy Muldoon handing out public artz money to his "kultural" favs, much the way Helen still does today. Great riff true message...

definitely home again by shihad and victoria by the exponents and leather jacket by the chills

Hope - Fat Freddys Drop, From Street to sky - Unity Pacific and Get some sleep - Bic Runga.. Very Kiwi.

Robert H Biddle
Pokarekare ana , it is Aotearoa , it is New Zealand. Where ever we are in the world , wether it be nite or day , if we hear Pokarekare ana , we know its home , we know its mum , its dad , its the whole whanau , maori , pakeha the whole melting pot that makes up this great country of ours. The land , the lakes , the mountains , the rivers , the people , the nicest place in the world. Kua tokia taku ngakau Aotearoa i te hau mihi ata. (Its like having ones NZ heart , carressed by the morning breeze)

Goodshirt's 'Sophie' - its just so cruisy!

Tony Lee
Slice of Heaven and/or Poi E.
Both are what I would call parts of Kiwiana and most people when they hear the two songs remember it almost immediately.

Katie McColl
Best two are definately Muttonbirds 'Dominion Road' and Dave Dobbyn's 'Beside You'. For sure.

Stephen Powell
I got you - Split Enz - this is best girl-boy young love song - it stirs up emotions about being frightened of commitment, something we all deal with. Great chorus and riff. Definitive Kiwi. Pulled along by love - The Muttonbirds - a brilliant composition, cleverly written and exceptionally well sung. Great live. What about the Kiwi pub-classics
Bliss - Th' Dudes and Why does love do this to me - Exponents

The best Kiwi song ever written is "April Sun in Cuba" by Dragon. A classic pop tune that should have been number one all around the world had it been marketed correctly.

Crowded House - Dont dream its over

My pick would have to be She Speeds by the Straitjacket Fits

Kevin K
"Blue Smoke" is surely a song that has stood the test of time & will continue to do so long after many of the new lot have been forgotten

Paul McLeod
cruise control - headless chickens

Dave Wharton
Dragon - Rain

Starve Weird
1:Pluto: Dance stamina
2:Eye TV: Ditch Witch
3: Crowded House: weather with you
100: Anything by haley westenra
1001: anything by a NZ rap artist

Phil Dorn
I'm torn between two songs.
The first The Verlaines Death and the Maiden reminds me of times twenty odd years ago drinking and parting with my mates.
From a differnt mold Chris Knox's Not Given Lightly is a beautiful love song that makes me smile every time I hear it.
New Zealand has been blessed with dozens of gifted song writers and bands and on any given day The Mutton Birds, The Chills, Hello Sailor, Dragon, The Clean, Bic Runga or Citizen Band could be right up there.

Lisa Page
"Who Loves Who The Most"
Kirry Whitman
Anchor Me by the Mutton Birds
Walter Rumsby
The Clean "Point That Thing Somewhere Else"
Hands down best NZ song ever is 'Jesus I was Evil' by Darcy Clay. Please do not make the list a love fest for sellouts like Crowded House - just because a song is popular doesn't mean it's good.

Darcy Clay's Jesus I was Evil

L'Amour Est L'Enfant de la liberte (The Rumour)
This song won the Studio One Television song quest in 1971-

Slice of Heaven - Dave Dobbyn

Here are my choices - apologies but NZ has produced too much great music to narrow it down! Crowded House 'Love This Life' (and everything other CH song!); The Exponents 'Why Does Love Do This To Me'; Th' Dudes 'Be Mine Tonight'; Dave Dobbyn 'Welcome Home'; Mutton Birds 'Dominion Road'; Neil Finn 'King Tide'; Split Enz 'Matinee Idyll'; Stellar* 'Nerves and Consequences; Don McGlashan 'Harbour Bridge'; Bic Runga 'Gravity'...

How Bizarre from OMC, I think it made number one in other countries, not just NZ and Australia. I have also heard the song in a country like Moldova. I guess other than Crowded House not many bands have had that kind of international success. Stay, Bic Runga might also count.
As for Te Taniwha and this statement.
"Why? Travel around the world and you will find pathetic New Zealander's trying to distinguish themselves from all the other pakeha in the world." I perform the Haka for friends all around the world. They are very interested in it, they ask questions about the history. I have educated myself on the meaning of the words and the history etc so that I can be informed enough to give a good overview to people many of which can point to NZ on a map, but don't have a clue to what a Maori is etc. I am doing my bit to raise the profile of NZ. Referring to me as pathetic and a pakeha is deeply offensive, you should really get over yourself.

best kiwi song has to be Better Be Home Soon - infact anything by the Finns is great. NOT anything by Dave Dobbyn since he has emerged as being so lefty and liberal and writing PC rubbish like 'Welcome Home' for Ahmed Zauri.....

Tom Higham
I'd say 'Tally Ho' by the Clean or 'Transatlantic Love Song' by JPSE. For kiwis living away, I'd say 'Home again'.

Kev Humphries
It has to be -Swimming Pool- Toy Love. The only other worth a mention is - Saturday Night Stay at Home - Suburban Reptiles! There has been plenty of great songs, but thse two are outstanding.

Greg Simpson
'Trippin' by Push Push. An all time classic!

Been away to long, so can really only hark back to some of the older stuff ... over here, it would have to be Split Enz, or Dragon, or similar exports ...However, for a heartbroken kiwi, 'Loya' by Dave Dobbyn will get me EVERYTIME!!... But as a tragic Cantabrian, 'Cashel Street' by the Dance Exponents (or were they the Exponents by then :)) pulls on my heart strings :)

My pick is Dave Dobbyns 'Welome Home'.

Fat Freddys Drop - 'Hope'. Music is me, music is you, it's the thing I do to get me through. Need I say more?

'Six Months In A Leaky Boat' by Split Enz.

'Poi EE' by Patea Maori Club. This was the first time that there was a fusion of Maori language and modern music- this song single also played a large part in the renaissance of the Maori language, which was "termed" as a dying language at that stage (in the early 80s less than 2 per cent spoke Maori). In 2006, 25 per cent of Maori now speak Maori. Thanks to this song, it became not only cool to speak te reo Maori, but it became cool to dye your hair yellow, put on a white glove and do backspins in the middle of the street!

Wiremu Harpuka
Searing, powerful and tuneful without being mawkish or sentimental.
Makes one feel like a New Zealander when here or away.
Yes, Shihad's 'Home Again'... I never felt connected to anything until I saw this performed in Wellington late 90's. I am afraid the D Dobbyn numbers are the antithesis, tainted by corporate sport and advertising.

Brigid Kelly
Surely 'Swimming Pool' by Toy Love should be in this list. However, when I was living overseas, 'Transatlantic Love Song' by JPSE would get me every time.

Leo Hitchcock
Are you asking about the best song ever written by a New Zealander, or the best song written and recorded in new Zealand?
In the first category I would place "You're The Voice", sung by John Farnham and co-written by New Zealand's Chris Thompson. "We're all someone's daughter, We're all someone's son. How long can we look at each other Down the barrel of a gun"
In the second category I would put Che Fu's "Hold Tight" (did Che Fu write that?). "My mind keeps on searching, for a reason why, our world keeps turning, needlessly we die. In a war fought without machinegun fire and its on home ground, its spirit lockdown
and still I find the words: Mama hold tight, I can see the skies are clearing over. Sister hold tight, I can see the clouds have blown away. Poppa hold tight, if we do then we will be ok" Brilliant!
"Don't Dream It's Over" is right up there, and so is John Rowles' huge 1968 hit "If I Only Had Time".
I'm from the 60's generation by the way.

Mike Barton
'Saturday night (stay at home)' by the Suburban Reptiles. Nuff said.

Two picks - Shihad 'Home Again' and Head Like a Whole - 'Comfortably Shagged'.

Best of all time was/is 'Don't dream its over' by Crowded House.

The best NZ song ever written would have to be Shihad's 'Home Again' becouse its so kiwi.

Helen Hung
'Don't Dream It's Over' by Crowded House. From my recent Coachella experience, it's taken on a newer, more powerful meaning. The chorus part where Neil sings "don't let them win". My water was stolen, and I was surrounded by a bunch of guys, and it was rather intimidating, like bullies. Anyway, I was seriously thinking of driving back to Burbank late at night. But after a fitful night sleep in my car, I decided there is no way I'm going back to Burbank. I am going to see the band I meant to see and that is the one and only Crowded House. So thanks guys, for the encouragement you gave to me to tough it out.

Te Taniwha
The best song ever composed is 'Ka Mate' by te Rauparaha. Why? Travel around the world and you will find pathetic New Zealander's trying to distinguish themselves from all the other pakeha in the world. Every NZ sports team butchers it and yet it is performed by accomplished Maori practitioners...ka mau te wehi!!!!!!

Has to be Shihad - 'Home Again'... the song of choice for anyone growing up in the 90's.

As a younger New Zealander I am going to have to pick some more recent songs and artists for my list. Of course I agree with options such as 'Don't dream it's over' and 'Loyal' but of the younger generation I would have to pick songs such as 'Running' by Evermore, 'Stand Up' & 'Venus' by The Feelers, 'Get some sleep' by Bic Runga, and Shihad's 'Pacifier'.

'Blue Lady' by Hello Sailor has to be right up there as the best ever NZ song.

'Rain' by Dragon.

My vote goes to 'Welcome Home' by Dave Dobbyn'

I like Brooke Frasers writing so I have to say - 'Lifeline'.

'She'll Be Right' by Peter Cape (1955). Pre-Elvis anthem that defined the notion of the laid back Kiwi. "You won't worry who's the loser when you meet down at the boozer, So don't worry mate, she'll be right."

Sarah Ell
Evermore - 'Running'. A song that burns itself into your brain from a fantastically talented trio.

Susan Fraser
There is no question, it's 'Don't Dream It's Over', and it's truer today than it was in 2001. After all, even Neil Finn has discovered that one should "never say never", and as a result, Crowded House lives on! DDIO is a gorgeous song with a message of hope that is at once both intimate and universal. Thanks Neil. Thanks New Zealand. A Canadian fan.

J. Smith
Fat Freddys Drop - Hope. I think this song, even though it has different versions portrays the way New Zealanders feel. It's very laid back, but strong enough to keep you listening without it taking over whatever you are doing.

Paul Sav