The boys from Zed are moving on. Guitarist and singer Nathan King has gone solo and releases his debut album soon. As a taster, King and his studio band perform a showcase on Tuesday night at the Mercury Theatre in Auckland. Sorry, fans - heaps of young girls adore the Zed lads so the show is sold out.

Meanwhile, bass player Ben Campbell has started a six-piece band, Atlas, in which he plays guitar and sings. The band also has former Zed drummer Adrian Palmer, and Campbell's younger sister, singer and guitarist Beth Campbell. Plans are afoot to release their first single, Is This Real? followed by an album later this year. Campbell also started his own label, Elements Music.

Ex-Zed guitarist Andy Lynch is focusing on studio work and has several projects on the go, including a rock band, a Latin outfit and some jazzy production work. Lynch was one of three guitarists invited to audition for Sting's band in New York.