Moviemakers have released the first photos of Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement playing a villainous alien biker in upcoming movie blockbuster Men in Black III.

The Kiwi funnyman said he was delighted with his "creepy but charming" new look for the $277 million flick, alongside Hollywood acting legends Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

A shaggy-haired Clement adopted an Easy Rider-style image including a fringed suede jacket and leather pants while filming scenes in New York.

"I am an alien with prosthetics and I look hideous. But it's funny, there is a lot of action," Clement told


Clement pipped English comedy superstar Sacha Baron Cohen to land the role of Boris.

The Kiwi said he had no problem playing a bad guy. "I'm 90 per cent evil in real life," Clement joked. "It's hard to be nice most of the time when I'm only 10 per cent good."