If the funding can be put in place it's possible V8 racing fans will see Greg Murphy racing a V8 Supercar at Pukekohe in April for round four of the championship.

The multiple winner of V8 Supercars rounds at Pukekohe, Murphy may just get a wildcard entry to the race to go alongside his endurance gigs with the Holden Racing Team.

Murphy was unable to secure a full time position for the 2013 V8SC season so was promptly signed up by HRT. The four-time Bathurst winner's first victory came while co-driving with Craig Lowndes at HRT in 1996. The pair also won back-to-back Sandown 500 titles for the team in 1996/97.

"It's very early days yet but we've floated the idea of me racing at the new Pukekohe track in April," said Murphy as he prepared for this weekend's opening V8 SuperTourer round at Hampton Downs.


"It's a massive undertaking and if it was to happen it would have to be with HRT as I'm already with them for the endurance rounds. Their focus is with James [Courtney] and Garth [Tander] at the moment.

"It would be fantastic to be able to do something like that but it's the amount of money involved. If there's anyone out here who like to tip some cash in, then anything is possible."

Discussions are still at a very early stage. The idea has been mooted and there is no real downside other than the money. For HRT to field another car is a cost heavy venture, but as Murphy says, if someone wants to pony up the money anything is possible.

"I don't know how you found out about it, but we only started talking about a few days ago. I don't want to go out there and say that it's a definite possibility, but the idea has been floated.

"The complications are the focus for HRT is on their existing cars and the costs associated are very big for a one-off event and is the limiting factor.

"To run that car for one weekend in New Zealand is expensive to do it properly and that's the big challenge.

"It's been floated but it hasn't gone very far and this is not an announcement that it's definitely going to happen. We need to fund it but that's hard part," said Murphy.

Not only is money a sticking point, there's also the time factor to consider. However, where there's a will there's a way, and there's bound to be someone out there who would move heaven and earth to see Murph on the grid at Pukekohe. Watch this space.